DOs and DON'Ts when Purhasing or Refinancing Real Estate

There are certain guidelines we must follow to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transaction. When you follow these simple rules, your purchase will be as delightful as you imagined and hoped for. 

If you have any questions about any of the items below please let me know. Keep in this mind that there may be some items not listed. There may be other particulars involved.
1.            Keep all pay stubs
2.            Keep all bank, stock, retirement statements – ALL PAGES
3.            Keep all bank receipts and deposit slips
4.            If you plan to open any new asset accounts, keep opening deposit slips as well as documentation on where money is originated
5.            Prepare to have a Homeowner’s Insurance Company picked out
6.            Once your earnest money deposit has cleared your account, request a letter from your bank verifying your earnest money has cleared or get a copy of both sides of the check
7.            Notify us of any change in your financial status (job change)
1.            Shop with credit cards
2.            Apply for new credit
3.            Allow inquiries on your credit report
4.            Purchase a new vehicle
5.            Transfer money between accounts frequently
6.            Deposit any money that cannot be verified as yours
7.            Deposit cash of more than $300.00 into your accounts if it cannot be documented
8.            Sell any personal items without bill of sale and title transfer
9.            Deposit any funds without copying check 1st, including gift funds